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[Sassoon short human hair weave, is able and Health] handsome neat is Sassoon hair's style, and Sassoon short hair is to reflect women's able and students, are still looking for the workplace female elites for their own Sassoon human braiding hair, over here now! Messy short hair is particularly stylish, and eye bangs protruding deep blue eyes, did a fascinating terrible. Side points short hair, round head with a flower feeling bangs, highlighting the beauty of individuality in asymmetric. Neat cut, so that the tail super stylish, brown and gold combination, consisting love of Sassoon human crochet hair. Oblique fringe upturned, will make people look straightforward, chocolate colored hair show off skin white. Long bangs in front, followed by short hair feeling inch head, the length of rebellious stark contrast, have become an instant fan. Large oblique bangs covering his forehead, shorten the face proportions, you can create a three-dimensional little face. Brown cheap human hair extensions with blond hair slightly offbeat combination, large bangs have repair Yen role, it is suitable for girls pink skin. White Jarhead with short straight cheap human hair extensions, so this alternative style Sassoon hair is especially eye-catching. Golden hair color, do not have too much modification you can make Sassoon human hair weave is very eye-catching.

Stepbystep:. 1 haircut before the effect of the partition as shown in Figure 2. As shown in Figure 3. The partition after partition as shown in Figure 5. The partition 90 degree oblique angle to enhance hand parallel partition lines from top to bottom 6. Trim radian cut mouth 7. Follow all head human hair dread extensions piece mobile circular trim 8. Another skewed angle of 90 degrees to enhance the hand parallel to the partition 9. The partition lines down from the other side of the connection with the point of the curvature of the incision 10. pruning shears Subdivision 90 degrees outside after the upgrade behind the left oblique horizontal partition line 11. 12. Follow the human hair toppers piece 13. The first type of mobile circular trim with clippers to trim the entire internal hierarchy after the partition 14. The right of the diagonal line of 90 degrees to enhance the level partition 15. Follow the head hair piece mobile circular trim trimming triangle with the point 16. 17. A vertical partition perimeter trim level anti-hand curve parallel partition line 18. The sides of the square pulling hair piece reservations length human hair full lace wigs before the effect 19. 20. Partition as shown in Figure 21. The golden on both sides of the partition 10 degrees + 9% 1 degree full-dyed black and blue.

Long straight human hair lace front wigs tails side dish hair: Jisi buckle slightly curled hair, a round face modification, but also adds a charming woman, so that girls look like elves as beautiful and charming. Long straight hair tails side dish human hair wigs for cancer patients side view: the side view, the traditional simple long human braiding hair inserted in the plate made of hair, adds a elegance, and the whole dish blonde human hair extensions hair style is simple yet stylish. Long straight hair tails side dish human hair extensions cheap Step one: the long straight thickness of human hair neatly combed hair and shoulders hanging naturally at the sides. Long straight human hair extension tails side dish human hair afro wigs Step two: the cheap human hair extensions is divided into two parts, as shown in FIG. Long straight hair tails side dish hair Step three: two good points were the part of the horse shampoo for human hair woven into a simple two tails. Long straight hair tails side dish hair Step four: the first flat plate up tails, with a pin fixed, so that a tails and braids too close to the first plate up. Long straight hair tails side dish wholesale human hair Step five: put a good long tails and top bun inserted disc. Long straight hair tails side dish made complete picture: woven good tails side dish cheap human hair wigs, did not look cumbersome, simple and elegant. Long straight human hair half wig tails side dish hair rear view: the back, the hair soft and shiny, side dish made another style.

Rendering the summer, you are not to tie a pony tail cheap human hair wigs to get away? Such simple hairstyle, how can highlight fashion taste it? Today we bring ponytail Metamorphosis two ponytails Zafar make you different, oh. Step Step: The human hair u part wigs tied into a ponytail down low. Step Two Step two: wear hair pins inserted to the top of hair in ponytail. The third step Third step: As shown, the horsetail tree braids human hair part of the folded up through the needle into the circle to wear hair, wear a hair pin to drop down. The fourth step to go through all ponytail showing the shape of the image above. Completion of the last, put the gap at hair wearing a crystal hair accessories, a simple and good-looking hairstyle is complete. Mawei demonstration of this hairstyle little transformation can create another round style. First, remove hair ornaments. The first step was then part of the wholesale human hair wigs into a ponytail ponytail, in a position close to the hair tie a rubber band. The second step shown in the illustration, tuck tails, the crochet hair styles with human hair into the hair in the back of the head. Fixed at the third step with a small hairpin will go into human lace wigs, a simple dish made manikin head with human hair done. Wear a complete golden recesses in the gap at the back of the head leaves flowers hairpin, the entire section of human hair lace front wigs even more graceful and chic.